Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I paint too!....

I have decided to start selling my wonderful paintings. Fine Art America is a great site that I found. You can not only buy the original painting  but can purchase prints on canvas, metal prints, framed prints, or even a greeting card. Check out this link and enjoy the art I have to offer!

Fine Art America

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I've been working on.....


The Wrapjac is a jacket with a built in scarf. It is all silk, hand dyed and painted. This jacket comes in any of my dyed variegated colors. There are 5 ways that I’ve found to wear it and only four are shown here. There’s simply throwing one of the front pieces over the other shoulder and using a broach to pin it in place. Then the scarf fabric in the front can be wrapped around the waist and tied in the back to make a slim, fitted look. There are two points on the front bottom of the scarf addition that can be tied together and worn long down the front. When that knot is lifted over the head and placed in the back of the neck there is the short, full collar effect that gives a bolero look. Of course, it can be worn with the scarf open and untied in the front.

If you have questions please call me (214)912-7802 or email me at val@guignon.com!  


Either one of these tops will add drama to an old outfit. Great over a turtle neck in the winter or low cut dress or camisole in the warmer months. No side seams - can be tied at the bottom edge or left open to flow like a butterfly wing. This is our most popular design, with the see through windows both front and back. Each color is available in crinkled crepe or double weave. Both are hand washable. Windows contain stained glass, sea shells, charms, gold rocks, glass beads and are located front and back. Beaded "drop" front and back at bottom of windows.

Diamond Shawl

Deliciously silky, these satin drapes will delight and warm your soft skin. Made from yards of hand dyed and washed Charmeuse Satin and set with windows filled with all the fun treasures that are in the Windows Scarf. A diamond shaped window is framed by two tucks that helps hold the shawl on your shoulders. A crystal catch in the front also helps keep the shawl in place. We promise these Shawls will delight the wearer. Can be worn with the diamond in front or in back. A stunning effect!  Perfect for draping over your shoulders at the theater or a special cocktail event. A great gift idea! 

If you have questions please call me (214)912-7802 or email me at val@guignon.com!  


An asset to just about any wardrobe. Soft, flowing silk crepe de chine or silk organza surrounds you when you wear these full sized adaptations of the traditional Kimono. Each one is hand dyed and has either a black silk crepe collar and arm cuffs or painted with hints of gold or silver fabric paint to add more texture to the piece. Made from silk crepe and charmeuse satin.

Leaf Scarf

Hand dyed silk cut in the shape of leaves with maro sewn edges. Stitched with a decorative ribbon. Sculptural, light weight scarf will change neckline of any dress or shirt. Colors vary widely. Darker colors (Fall) are purples, greens, grays, browns and blacks. Spring colors are aquas, pinks, lavenders, blues and oranges.

Please let your friends know that I am always designing and creating and keep watching my blog for the newest and most beautiful!

If you have questions please call me (214)912-7802 or email me at val@guignon.com!  

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