Wednesday, August 14, 2013

7 Ways to Wear the Wrap Jac.....

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(214)912-7802 or email me at! 

Untied in the front
One simple knot in front
Throw one side of full front up
onto your shoulder and pin
in place (it will slip off easily).

For more pictures of the wrap, please
see June 5 posting (below).

Two points on the front knotted
Tip: to tie the two points in to a knot-square knot is
R over L and under then L over R and under.

Roll away from you and put over the back of your neck

Untie and drop open for the next two ideas:
Wrap right side around to your left and the left
around to your right.....
...tie in back and adjust in mirror.

Bangle bracelet option......Take a bangle bracelet and gather up
full front......
.........tie in back and adjust in mirror. bangle over your belly button, take
full front ends, open out from center.....
If you have questions please call me (214)912-7802 or email me at!  

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