Wednesday, December 12, 2018

December 2018

The Holidays are Here!  

       Valery Guignon Designs have been delighting and brightening the artistic world 
in apparel, sculptures and unique custom designs for decades, from coast to coast.  
The holidays are here and I´m offering some special creations of unique wearable art 
pieces with prices accessible to most people.  From hand dyed silks and special high
quality fabric blends, crafted into one of kind designer pieces of Wearable Art as 
scarves, blouses, tunics, flowing ponchos and other custom'designed pieces to order.  

         I hope you experience a delightful holiday season where you are safe and 
surrounded by loved ones.  Until I update my Website in the coming months, you 
can catch some beautiful samples of my design work, present and past,
at this Website:
Facebook link is here:

Valery Guignon
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Best Seller! - The Long Block Scarf

14" x 74"
Orders Taken with Custom Colors Requested.
These are long paneled scarves are just wonderful for wrapping or draping to accent your favorite garment!
14" x 74"
14" x 74"

Blouses, Tunics, Flowing Ponchos Custom Designs


The Art Scarf

      From my fiber-textured apparel line, I found myself housing a great number 
of scraps and decided each one was a silk brush stroke, so I figured out unique ways 
to make something useful out of the textured fibers pieces, each uniquely dyed.

      I've come up with is the Art Scarf.  The Art Scarf is a bunch of silk scraps 
cut into leaf shapes and stitched down to a strip of fabric. It looks kind of like a silk boa. 
People are loving them! Buyers should know, before making the purchase, to please take 
into consideration these are shredded and cut fabric pieces, and may continue to shred 
on the edges; however, it's truly an interactive work of art and an outstanding eye catcher 
for most any occasion.

$75  Special

Splash Necklace

Another adaptation as the scraps as wearable paintings is the Splash Necklace
I take long torn scraps and twist them around each other, until I have two or three 
different colored strands plied together. Then I tie thin strips of other scraps in square 
knots around the plied necklace. Then I add beads, charms, buttons, and shells. 
Each one is unique. They are selling very well, and people really enjoy them.



Skyscraper Scarf

My silk inventory stocking company came up with a new silk weave that I 
absolutely adore! I explored a technique of washing fabric pieces and 
hemming it, then dragging a paint brush lightly over the raised part of the silk, 
the fabric takes on a very interesting color effect with blends and shades. 
I call it the Skyscraper Scarf, because it looks like the sunlight reflecting off 
the windows of a downtown skyscraper.

10" x 64"
10" x 64"
          "Doorway To Enlightenment"                                                       "On The Cross-wires"
                    2' x 2.25'                                                                                                       2.5' x 2.5'
                         $400                                                                                                                Sold

Monday, April 24, 2017

Horse Broaches

Wearable Paintings

Valerie Guignon can enjoys making mixed media broaches made out of hand-dyed silk scraps, wool, felt, acrylic, beads and aluminum foil peeled from champagne bottles to add a splash of metallic luster.  These horse broaches are a sample of the mixed art media technique she deploys in her artistic craftmanship, each one uniquely made with beauty and colorful dimension.

They range in size from 2" - 3" long.
light weight, and pin easily.

$45 + tax and shipping
$45 + tax and shipping

$45 + tax and shipping

$45 + tax and shipping

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Crochet Critters

Crazy Crochet Critters

I just finished this chameleon hat. Contact me and I can make you one! I work without a pattern so each one is unique! No two are alike!

These critters will have their hats soon!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

One of my scarves featured.....

I wanted to share a short video clip of the Susan Sikora show that showed off my leaf scarf. I hope you enjoy it!

Bay Area Focus With Susan Sikora

Feel free to call me with any questions or requests:

What I've been painting......

Enter a Foreign World 30x36
The following paintings are oils that I have done within the last year or so.  If you want to order postcards, framed prints, or prints on metal,  look up my page on the Fine Art America website. 
To buy any original painting please contact me at Valery Guignon 214-912-7802.

Growing into Life 24x28

Growing into Life has been featured on the cover of Lesbian Connection magazine, August 2012 edition.

Inner Landscape 24x28

Inner Landscape was completed in 2012 and represents the ebb and flow of life and emotions that we all feel from time to time.

Internal Memory Flow 14x40

The following paintings are some of the acrylics that I have also done within the last year or so. I was one of the local artist that was commissioned to do acrylic paintings for the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas. My original works currently grace the walls of some of the fine accommodations you will find there. If you want to order postcards, framed prints, or prints on metal,  look up my page on the Fine Art America website. To buy any original painting please contact me at Valery Guignon 214-912-7802.

Contemplation 40x30

Graffitize 20x16
Paint and Rust 16x20

Rhythm of Life 24x28

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bent Wire Sculptures

for the love of dance
hands fly away

sometimes my hands fly away with me

The sculptures above are some that I made during the Bent Wire Sculpture workshop I teach at the Creative Arts Center Dallas.
Join me at the next class I am teaching.....

Bent Wire Sculpture
Bent wire sculpture is figure drawing in space. Learn to draw the human figure with wire that is easily bendable (we will create animals, too). No gluing or welding required. Start with a straight line and use your imagination to create figures that dance, fly, sit, embrace. Whatever you can imagine you can “draw”. Anything you want to weave into your sculpture (beads, bits of drift wood, feathers) will be provided along with the wire and tools.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Silk scarves:

Hand dyed painted silk scarves. These scarves are an asset to any wardrobe and will highlight your ensemble!

The colors are variegated vibrant teals, purples, fuchsias, beige's, and browns. Hand splashed with gold, black and copper paint.

Of course: No two are alike!

Crepe: 56" l x 12"w

Satin:  60" l x 13"w

$35 plus tax and shipping.

Please contact me if you would like to own or give one of these beautiful creations as a gift!

See my other creations throughout this blog and visit my website:

Feel free to call me with any questions or requests:

Here are a list of galleries that carry these wonderful creations in their inventory:
Artisans Collectives, Dallas, TX
Gallery At Midtown, Valley View Mall, Dallas, TX
Carlyn Gallery, Dallas, TX
Wild Holly Gallery, Carefree, AZ
Moonstones, Cambria, CA.
Carmen's Gallery, Solomans, MA
Art Connections Gallery, Bastrop, TX
Mendocino Art Center, Mendicino, CA.

Note: Prices will vary by gallery.

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